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If you don't see them one night, don't worry; keep checking regularly around this time of year and you should get to see them! Glebe House Ind.

Tel: 01 l Fax: 01 Email: glenwise dublin. Irish companies forging beauty Irish entrepreneurs have used the recession as a chance to develop and pioneer high quality cosmetic products. Green Angel Skincare harnesses the rejuvenating qualities of seaweed and sea salt and combines them with an array of rich therapeutic essentials oils. Green Angel can be found in Clerys or go to www. Co Meath.

With adorable packaging its soaps work up a creamy lather so skin is left cleansed, soft and smelling fab! The Hand Cream is a citrus-scented essential and the Body Butter is divine and contains shea butter, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter.

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They supply to over stockists including Clerys. Voya is available from House of Fraser. Nail polish that lasts two weeks? They chip and they smudge. Sometimes a nail is ruined even before you get home from the salon. Now you can say good-bye to chips, smudges, and dry time and say hello to Shellac Nail Colour. This innovative nail polish goes 'On like Polish. Wears like Gel. Off In Minutes. Soak-off gels look like polish but last much longer, because they are cured onto the nail with an ultraviolet lamp.

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The colors are hypoallergenic, and '3-Free' - no formaldehyde, toluene or DBP. It is very important that the Polish is applied and removed by a professional manicurist.

Trying to remove it yourself will damage your nails. It goes on with a base coat, two colour coats, and then a top coat.

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But after each coat your nails will go under a special ultraviolet lamp which will also leave your nails dry as soon as you're done. Goodbye to flip-flops in the snow post pedicure. A predecessor product, hard gels, took too long to remove and involved filing, which damaged nails. However, unfortunately the new gel polishes won't work for everyone! So for all those women out there who are not coming to the salon for a manicure right now, they are going to be coming for Shellac, and they are going to be blown away.

On her website www. You can help us to achieve our goal in two important ways: firstly, by completing our survey to let us know how you feel about having this option available for your maternity care; and secondly, by spreading the message about our website to your friends. The development of Birth Centre services is dependent on the level of demand, so please sow the seeds for this option of care in your local area. It is run and managed by highly skilled and experienced midwives who provide continuous care to healthy mothers and babies throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and up to 6 weeks after birth.

There are now over nearly 70 birth centres in the UK and they are becoming more common across the globe. For those who wish to complete the survey, go onto www.

Food writer Ericka Lenkert and leading nutritionist Brooke Alpert have put together over delicious and healthy dishes especially for. Each recipe is accompanied by clear nutritional information and advice and there are even helpful suggestions for small healthy snacks such as Herbed Parmesan Popcorn for when cravings strike.

The report is the result of Cuidiu antenatal teachers Louisa Crowley and Niamh Healy sending out a questionnaire to all 22 maternity units in the State in order to gather birthing statistics and to acquire information on services, policies and practices. The guide makes interesting reading and reveals some big differences in the percentages of caesarean sections, inductions etc from one unit maternity to another.


An invaluable resource for parents-to-be. The owners of the Cabinteely based Doyles Nursery, Colm and Sean Doyle have created an unrivalled garden plant destination, which features over 50, trees, shrubs, climbers, bedding plants and hardy perennials. If you are looking for specific help there are knowledgeable trained staff always on hand to help with any queries you may have. Brian has many years experience. He sources plants of the highest quality and value for money from local growers. Today Doyles Nursery is again full of top quality exquisite plants, ranging in size from small starter plants, to large mature trees, and shrubs for instant impact.

Full delivery service available. Gina Ford is a maternity nurse who made her name writing feeding and sleeping routines for babies, and most parents either love her or find her techniques a bit too rigid. Now she has turned her hand to toddlers and how to cope with their all too common tantrums. This small book is a good size for busy parents and its tips are straightforward and practical. If gardening seems too much like hard work then Doyles have a solution.

Bring in a simple photograph of your garden and we can help you choose suitable plants. Doyles also offer a planting service using their qualified horticulturalist who will ensure that your plants get the very best start in life. And if its inspiration you are looking for then why not consider their garden design service?

For a modest fee Colm Doyle, one of the nursery directors and an award-winning garden designer can create a unique and beautiful design for your garden, no matter what size and budget. So, if you are looking for a great destination that has all the plants you want, then pop down to Doyles Nursery. Muckross road,killarney.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed!!! Phone: 01 01 Evan: Tom: Phone: Alan: wwww. In men with a healthy prostate, PSA is present in the blood at very low levels. A number of conditions can give rise to elevated PSA levels. These include prostatitis inflammation of the prostate , benign prostatic hyperplasia BPH and prostate cancer. There can also be a non-medical reason for a raised PSA level such as recent ejaculation or irritation of the prostate. A PSA test alone cannot diagnose prostate cancer, but it can give an indication of the presence of a problem with the prostate gland which can include cancer.

The prostate gland is found in men and is present at the base of the bladder. It's main function is the production of seminal fluid. It surrounds the urethra which is the tube through which urine passes on its way out of the body. If the prostate is enlarged for any reason, it can obstruct this tube causing difficulty in voiding urine. Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death in men over However, if caught early, it is one of the more treatable cancers and has a high survival rate. PSA screening can give an early indication of a problem with the prostate. Early prostate cancer will usually have no symptoms.

An elevated PSA result can be the only non-invasive method of detecting a prostate problem before any symptoms develop.